Parent ideas for communication activities using iPad photos and videos – no apps needed


ipad cameraThe iPad camera is a fantastic tool for promoting communication which doesn’t even require you to use any apps.

Below are three ideas to get you started at home:

Making a movie (Using language to make plans)

  • Plan the shooting of a short ‘movie’ together using the iPad video function
  • Talk about Who will be in the movie, What they will be doing and Where it will take placeipad camera 2
  • The movie can be anything from a short video of your child singing a song or jumping on a trampoline, to an acted out sequence. It doesn’t need to involve any words – it’s the planning that can inspire discussion!

Do and Tell  (Using language to give instructions)

  • Choose an activity to do together e.g. making a collage, building a tower or baking a cake.
  • Take several photos on the iPad which break down the activity into several clear stages and talk about it as you go. Save the photos in a folder with the name of the activity.
  • A few hours, days or even weeks later, ask your child to tell another family member how to do it using the photos as a prompt.


The emphasis in this activity is that your child is using their language to tell someone else how to do something but the photos give them a visual prompt and help them describe the steps in the sequence.


What is it? (Using language to problem-solve)

  • Take turns to take a photo of something difficult to identify in your house: the underneath of the kitchen table, the inside of a vase or behind a door. The more obscure the better!
  • The other person asks questions to help them guess what it might be.

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