Creating your own iPad photo jigsaws as a starter for conversation


Whjigsawen your child is learning new words, they learn both by listening to the word and by using it over and over again themselves. Doing a jigsaw can be a fun way of talking about a picture but doing the same one again and again can leave limited opportunities for expanding vocabulary.

photo-10Abricot Games – Puzzle (free) is the most user friendly app I’ve found for uploading your own photographs or pictures and converting into a jigsaw. It can convert photos into 12, 20 or 36 piece puzzles. The app has a number of pictures already built in – worth trying first to see if your child likes the app and if he/she enjoys talking about the pictures. If you want to create your own, try the following:

  • Think of a topic or picture you want to talk about
  • Go to Puzzle Creator on the home page.
  • Either click on the camera picture to take a picture then and there…
  • …Or click on the Photos button to select a picture from your photo library. You could in theory use any image you like by taking a screen shot from the internet (for screen shots, press down the start button and then press the home button briefly).planets
  • Select the size of jigsaw you want and click on the picture to get going

It’s an easy way of initiating talking with your child about any image you like. It might be a useful way of introducing photo-9abstract concepts such as emotions and could also be a useful way for consolidating curriculum vocabulary for older children.


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