Using a musical app for developing early language skills


imageStumbled across this interactive app (Sago Mini Music Box – £1.99) as a tool for developing language with early years children. I’d downloaded it as a recommendation for a musical app but it’s also got lots of potential for stimulating language.

You can select either a boat or a hot air balloon which moves along at a speed depending on where and how much the child taps the screen. Each tap creates the next note of a nursery rhyme as well as an action: dolphins jump up, birds fly and trees and flowers appear.

I used this with a 3 year old with language delay and as the boat moved along I started commenting on what was happening. The child also started using lots of language to describe what she saw.

It’s like commenting on a picture book but the child is essentially in control of where the ‘story’ goes which makes it extra engaging. This would be a great app for parents to use at home to practise commenting on and sharing stories with their child. image



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