Connecting the ipad to the classroom whiteboard


I’ve attempted too many sessions attempting to run an activity where most of the group members cannot really see the ipad in front of them. Now I have figured out how to connect the ipad to the whiteboard, there is a lot more potential for class activities where pupils can be more engaged with what they are creating.

The programme I’ve used is Airserver, which you can access free for a 7 day trial. You can set up a few free trials using a different email address each time if it takes a while to get the new software approved (though it is relatively cheap).

Once installed, the software can be easily used during a lesson by doing the following (this is for use on PCs);

  • Connecting the iPad to the whiteboardActivate Airserver by clicking on the icon in the start menu
  • Type in the email address which is linked to the software.
  •  If using ios7 on the ipad, swipe up from the bottom of the ipad screen to access the Control Centre tab
  • Tap Airplay and you should see a link to the computer that you want to link it to. For ios6 and older, have a look at for further instructions.

So far I’ve been using this software to show the class movies that they have created – more on this in future blogs.


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