Say Hi AAC! for key word understanding assessments


This week I wanted to make an easy to use receptive language assessment without having to gather together toys from across the say hinursery every time I wanted to assess a child’s level of understanding. Most of the receptive language apps that I have found use vocabulary which is inappropriate because it is not everyday vocabulary or because it is mainly American English.

I took photos of the following items for a basic receptive language assessment: A crocodile and a teddy wearing various combinations of scarf, hat and glasses.

I inserted these photos into Say Hi AAC! which is a free app that allows up to 9 photos at once on a page. There’s room to add another3kw screenshot 3 pictures so including another animal with the same combination of hat/scarf/glasses it makes a basic noun-based 3 key word understanding assessment.

Taking photos and inserting directly into the app was tricky as it ended up sideways – much easier to take photos first and then insert from the photo library

Overall this app works for storing some basic receptive language assessments in your ipad to use at short notice during sessi


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